DJI Mavic Air Review – Specs, Features & Price


Mavic Air is the latest addition to the DJI family that was launched on 23rd January 2018. It is an easy to fly drone which resembles the DJI Spark, but not entirely. The Mavic Air stands out from the rest, as it combines a palm size portable design (when folded) along with some pretty cool features. As you may be aware, the Mavic Air has definitely taken inspiration from the Spark and Mavic Pro to produce a special updated version that is causing a sudden frenzy among the drone community.


Let’s discuss some of the key points that differentiates this product from other drones in the market:

  • The DJI Mavic Air comes with an in-built 4K camera with 3 axis gimbal. Unlike the Spark that sported a 2 axis gimbal, the 3 axis gimbal on the Mavic Air enables us to shoot completely stable horizontal shots even during strong windspeeds of upto 38 km/h. The 4K camera is able to shoot high resolution videos at 30 frames per second. They can also be brought to 120 frames per second at 1080 pixels to capture the perfect slow-motion video. In addition to its 180 degree panorama, the Mavic air can now take sphere panorama shots at an impressive 32 MP.



  • Just as its big brother, the Mavic Air comes with a foldable compact body design, but this time it’s much smaller and extremely compact. This definitely is a major plus point for any travel bug who wishes to document their experiences.


  • Finally DJI has made sure to add a foldable remote control within the product box, rather than making it an additional purchase. This definitely uplifts the entire experience of drone flying. The control can easily hold your smartphone in place for maximum convenience and also features detachable control knobs for ease of storage.


  • It Provides a RC range of 2 km along with 19-20 minutes of average flight time on a single charge. There is only a few minutes of difference when compared to the Spark which gives out around 15 minutes of flight time. The Mavic Air can also reach speeds of upto 68 km/hour.
  • The Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) enables the Mavic Air to recognize obstacles that come in it’s path using latest sensors which are strategically placed at the front and back of the device. this new feature allows the Mavic Air to go around or above an obstacle based on it’s nature and size even while keeping track of your movements.


  • The Mavick Air comes with an inbuilt storage space of 8GB along with an expandable microSD slot. It also features a USB 3.0 Type- C port for ease of exporting files to another device.


The Mavick Air also comes with few pre-set shooting modes to bring out one of the best video capturing experiences on a drone. These modes include:


  • Active Track Mode – In this feature, the drone is able to sense 16 subjects simultaneously and track the desired subject with even better precision than before.


  • Smart Capture Mode – This is a feature that recognizes hand gestures and is not something new to the DJI family. However, features have been upgraded resulting in a much better response for all the different kind of hand gestures.


  • QuickShots Mode – This mode helps you to take professional style videos by just a touch on the screen with the help of pre-set shooting modes that use the active track feature for the perfect shot. The pre-set modes include- Helix, Boomerang, Circle, Rocket, Asteroid, and Dronie.


  • TapFly Mode helps you to focus on just flying your drone with the ease of moving around wherever you tap on your mobile screen.


This mean yet small machine definitely packs a punch due to its compact size and amazing features. However, the price may seem a bit towards the expensive side for some. On the other hand, If you are hardcore vlogger or film enthusiast, the price shouldn’t matter much as this could definitely be a life saver due to its 4K UHD video quality, amazing picture detail and most importantly the portability.

The DJI Air is priced at $799 (approximately Rs 52086) in the US market. That definitely means it would cost a bit more in the Indian market and would be priced anywhere between the range of Rs 74000-80000 and can also go upto Rs 1 Lakh with additional kits. To check out the product, Click here. The Mavic Air also comes in 3 colour variants to choose from- Flame Red, Artic White & Onyx Black.


Overall Verdict: 9/10

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